Neurology is that branch of Medical Science that deals with the research, study and treatment of Nervous System Disorders. Every function that your body and mind perform (or does not perform, for that matter), the Nervous System is an integral part of that process.

Matis Hospital is one of the most advanced healthcare facilities in India. It has been designed to achieve the highest international standards in medical care, patient comfort, and medical services.

  • Experts opinion and Management of diseases such as

  • Headache, Dementia, Parkinsonism, Movement Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis etc.

  • Our surgeons are experts in all types of Neurosurgeries from minor to major which includes

  • Tumor, Vascular, Endovascular, Endoscopic, Spinal tumor,

  • Advanced Management of Head Injury

  • Pediatric Neurosurgery

  • Botox for Movement Disorders, Spasticity etc.

  • Surgery for trigeminal neuralgia, Degenerative spinal disease

  • We have expertise in congenital brain and spine disorders – Hydrocephalus Meningocele Stereotactic surgery

  • Diagnosis and Management of Epilepsy

  • One of the best Neuro Emergency care for Stroke, Seizures, GBS Myasthenia, Coma etc.

  • Acute Stroke Thrombolysis, Post Stroke Management & Long Term Stroke Care

  • and Rehabilitation managed by a highly specialized and dedicated team

Our Medical Specialists