General medicine also known as Internal Medicine, offers treatment for various medical illnesses and infections. Matis Hospital has a team of general physician who has expertise in full body examination, providing the right medicine and routine checkups for fever, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, lung problems, high cholesterol, headache, abdomen pain, respiratory infections, chest pain.

Early diagnosis can prevent complexities. The General Medicine department focuses on early detection for a healthier life through medical protection and non-surgical treatment. Visiting a doctor is necessary if anyone suffers from the symptoms like – fatigue, fever, digestive problems, frequent urination, high fever, and other sudden changes in body activities.

  • Allergy: General Physicians offer to increase better body immunity to fight against allergies and related disorders.

  • Geriatric medicine: This department is especially skilled to take care of elder patients.

  • Infectious disease: We create awareness and treat acute infections caused by bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses.

Our Medical Specialists