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ENT department is highly specialised in providing the best services to treat ear, nose and throat related disorders. We offer otology, rhinology and throat treatment. Matis Hospital offers the holistic approach to treat ENT problems.

  • Otology: This is a specialised study of otorhinolaryngology. The department provides outstanding care in Hearing loss treatment, ear infections, fluid in the ears, vertigo, eardrum damage repair, fluid in the ear and Cochlear implant.

  • Rhinology: Nasal disorder like sinusitis, acute or chronic sinus infections, epistaxis, nasal congestion, runny nose, abnormal sense of smell, sinus headache, nasal polyps can be treated.

  • Throat and Mouth: The team has expertise in Strep Throat, Mono, tonsillitis, tonsil enlargement, pharyngitis, snoring, tonsil stones, bad breath, trouble swallowing and Throat/Larynx Surgery.

Our Medical Specialists

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